Roundup of Advice from MCHLG

There has been considerable activity with ongoing advice from MHCLG.

This has included further advice;

For maintaining a building with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) cladding systems over 18 metres tall; Advice Note 22 – Use of High Pressure Laminate Panels in external wall systems should be read in conjunction with advice note 14: external wall systems that do not incorporate ACM.

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A report on 25 different timber fire doors that passed the 30-minute standard on both sides when manufactured to specification and installed correctly and had the required documentation and certification was released.

The test data is provided to inform building owners building risk assessments and plans for fitting and repair or replacement of fire doors. Details within the note provide important context for the results supplied which represent only a sample of the market and are only relevant for the specific model of door set tested from the manufacturer. The note does not make any recommendations for fitting, repair or replacement, which is a matter for individual building owners and their advisers.

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Neil O’Connor (Director, Building Safety Programme) is asking local authorities to collect data on the buildings in their area about external wall systems used on high rise residential buildings.

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The Fire Protection Association (FPA) has at the request of MHCLG tested a HPL panel system with stone wool insulation, in accordance with British Standard 8414, in a 9-metre high wall rig and a full report is available.

You can access the report here