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We are a specialist training and consultancy company providing UK-wide health, safety and property compliance services. We offer training that has been specifically designed for organisations operating within the social housing sector as well as offering support, advice, guidance and bespoke consultancy services which meet the needs of sector organisations.

Our key focus is around landlord safety compliance in housing, whether that is Fire, Asbestos, Water Hygiene, Gas, Electrical or Lifts... we really want to support organisations to understand their responsibilities and be clear about what they need to be doing to ensure that, primarily their tenants are safe in their homes, but also what the organisation needs to do to meet the myriad of regulatory requirements as well as the standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing.

About Us

Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd has brought together some of the very best professionals, who are experts in their field, to provide honest, value for money and most importantly, relevant training for social landlords.

We also offer specialist, bespoke consultancy services providing advice and guidance at the times when you need it the most.. no 'retainer' fees, just services provided by those with the knowledge and experience when you might simply need a little extra help or if you'd like a specialist review/audit to give you that added 'assurance'.

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We know that there is increased focus on landlord and customer safety within the sector, with the Regulator of Social Housing making a clear statement about health and safety compliance; they say that 'providers must understand and fully meet all their existing obligations in relation to tenants’ health and safety, as well as preparing for increased expectations and changing requirements, particularly for high rise buildings. Boards are expected to have strong and appropriate oversight of decisions around stock quality and health and safety compliance. The safety of all tenants, especially the most vulnerable, should be of primary importance for all providers and boards are expected to comply with all health and safety statutory requirements; this includes having up-to-date and relevant policies in place that are regularly managed and monitored by the board, effective compliance reporting and good quality data.

Each 'Specialist' Associate within Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd has been 'hand-picked' to join the team because of the knowledge that they have in their specialist area and their experiences within the social housing sector.  We pride ourselves on our ‘down to earth’ attitude and ‘can do’ approach to supporting and working with organisations; we believe we can make a real difference.

Our Director

Having worked in the sector for well over 16 years, Vicki Cutler was initially employed as a Health & Safety Advisor for a Social Landlord in the Staffordshire area; she decided to become a consultant a number of years later and over the last 10 years or so has worked with many social landlords carrying out compliance audits and bespoke reviews across the UK.  There is no doubt that health & safety is one of the fundamental areas of a business and in the social housing sector this extends to residents and tenants and their properties too.

Vicki is a Chartered Fellow of IOSH, a Member of IIRSM, Member of IFSM and a Chartered Manager and Member of CMI.


Our Accredited & Approved Training

Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd can offer you accredited and approved courses in the key landlord safety compliance areas as well as bespoke courses and workshops that are specifically designed and delivered by OUR Associates for YOUR organisation; we can even incorporate your own policies and procedures into the training and workshops if you wish.

Our Associate’s knowledge is bang up to date and takes account of good and best practice in the social housing sector (across all areas of the UK) having been learned vocationally over many years, so you can be sure that the training your learners receive will be of excellent quality.

If you’d like to have a chat about consultancy or training, please feel free to give us a call.