Technical bulletin from the FIA: ‘The Status of PAS 79-2 & LGA Fire Safety in Purpose-built Blocks of Flats Guide’


PAS79-2 was removed from sale on the BSI website pending conversion of the PAS into a full British Standard. As an interim measure, BSI have made the original PAS 79-2 available for download, free of charge, from the BSI website. However, all references to disabled people have been redacted from the document, including advice regarding the need to provide disabled people with a facility to discuss their evacuation in the event of fire.

Fire Safety in Purpose-built Blocks of Flats Guide

The Guide, originally published in 2011 is now hosted on the Home Office section of the Government website with three paragraphs dealing with evacuation of vulnerable people having been redacted, pending analysis of responses to the government consultation on PEEPS. FIA advise members to continue to use this Guide and concur with the IFSM as to the value of its content to all those involved with fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats. Again, members should use their judgement to ensure that fire safety for disabled people is adequately addressed.

The technical bulletin has been produced by FIA to assist those who may experience confusion with regards to these two useful documents. For avoidance of doubt, the FIA strongly support the use of the downloadable version of PAS 79-2 for guidance and recommendations on carrying out fire risk assessments for housing premises and the Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats guide. With regard to disabled evacuation, given that all guidance on this matter has been redacted from documents, it will be for fire risk assessors to use their own judgement in respect of this matter.

Full information and advice from the FIA is in this document.