News: HSE releases annual workplace fatality figures for 2021/22

On Wednesday 6 July, the HSE released data which shows that 123 workers were killed in work-related accidents in Great Britain in the last year.

The annual data release covers the period from April 2021 to March 2022, during which time most pandemic restrictions were lifted and the economy began returning to normal.

The 123 worker deaths in 2021/22 is lower than the previous year, though it is in line with pre-pandemic figures. There has been a long-term downward trend in the rate of fatal injuries to workers, though in the years prior to the coronavirus pandemic the rate was broadly flat.

The three most common causes of fatal injuries continue to be:

  • Falling from height (29)
  • Being struck by a moving vehicle (23)
  • Being struck by a moving object (18).  

A further 80 members of the public were killed following a work-related accident in 2021/22. This is an increase on the previous year but below the pre-pandemic level. This is likely to reflect the various COVID-19 restrictions in place.

The release of the annual figures coincides with the 50th anniversary this month of the publication of the Robens report – the landmark report led to the Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974 – which ultimately led to the HSE being set up the following year.

View all statistics and download the full report here.