Trusted Partners

We are delighted to be working with the following trusted partners;

Prism Fire Risk Management Ltd
We are delighted to be working with;
Prism Fire Risk Management Ltd
Tony Bolder is one of our key associates and his company, Prism Fire Risk Management Ltd provides a range of fire safety services designed to help you stay compliant in the work place.
He can provide services including;
  • Fire Safety Advisor,
  • Undertaking Fire Risk Assessments,
  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Passive Fire Compartmentation Inspections
  • Fire Door Inspections
In addition, Tony set up and developed the Aries Fire Risk Management Portal which offers a bespoke solution to managing fire risk assessment and fire door solutions.
We are also delighted to be working with Tony to develop an exclusive 2 day assessed training course which is specifically for the housing sector and designed to provide clarity in;
  • Understanding the requirements, carrying out inspections and assessing fire doors in residential buildings.
RW Consulting Solutions Ltd - Business Continuity & Crisis Management
We are delighted to be working with RW Consulting Solutions Ltd (RWCSL).
Rob and the team provide business continuity and crisis management consultancy, training and readiness activity through an organisation that offers tailored services with the benefit of knowledge development over ten years in the resilience business and experience in supporting some of the UK’s largest resilience projects.
Vicki has worked with Rob and the team delivering resilience exercises within the Social Housing sector and they come highly recommended for their real-life interactive exercises that are a must for the senior management team.
As well as the ‘practical’ element of business continuity, the team at RWCSL have extensive experience in developing crisis management & business continuity arrangements and can also help you navigating through the maze of standards, good practice and guidance to establish and maintain your own resilience arrangements.
You can find out more information and contact details here;
RWCSL – Business Continuity & Crisis Management
Chasing the Stigma - Normalising & Humanising Mental Health
We're PROUD to promote and recommend 'Chasing the Stigma'
Everybody in the world has mental health...…. Everyone.....
Yet the fear of being judged whenever we struggle with our mental health is preventing many people from talking about it.
At Chasing the Stigma we want to help remove that fear and unnecessary stigma, by using our own first-hand experiences to say ‘I have suffered. I got through it and you can too’.
You are never alone.
Meet Jake and the team and see how they can help you here;
Chasing the Stigma