Regulator of Social Housing – Coronavirus operational response survey results – April 2020 data

Coronavirus has profoundly affected the whole of the country and we know that registered providers of social housing have been working hard to continue to deliver important services to keep tenants safe whilst also protecting their staff.

The Regulator of Social Housing has introduced a temporary monthly survey covering key areas on tenant safety; this gives up-to-date information about how providers are coping with some of the current challenges they face. Private registered providers with 1,000 or more homes, local authority social landlords and those providers with fewer than 1,000 homes which have a high proportion of supported accommodation were asked to respond to the first survey; the response rate was good at 93%.

The sector is generally reporting that despite the impact of coronavirus it is still managing to maintain adequate levels of service delivery in the areas surveyed.

There are common themes to the issues facing many providers, including access to properties, concerns about the availability of PPE, the robustness of the supply chain, and risks to safe staffing levels in accommodation with care and support services. A handful of providers have reported experiencing specific challenges in some areas. Most have found their own solutions, and in general, providers are reporting that, whilst emergency repairs and critical safety checks are being carried out, backlogs of routine repairs and less critical safety checks are building up.

The survey will be reported for May 2020 with the results expected shortly after.

You can download the first short report HERE

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