Established in May 2018 by Vicki Cutler, the primary aim of Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd is to meet the needs of the social housing sector in terms of training and consultancy…  We have brought together a team of dedicated professionals who all have experience of working in, or with, social landlords.. be that Local Authorities, Almo’s or Housing Associations.

Over the last 10 years or so, as a consultant, Vicki has been carrying out compliance audits and reviews for social landlords across the UK ……. some of the findings revealed that, when it came to relevant training,  there were generally limited options for those working in Compliance Teams. She found that there is limited, if any training available, which gives individuals and organisations the ‘tools’ to be confident in their compliance monitoring and managing arrangements and responsibilities in terms of regulatory requirements so, she decided that she wanted to do something about that …

So why establish another company when there are plenty of others out there?

Well, our key focus is around compliance in housing, whether that is Fire, Asbestos, Water Hygiene, Gas, Electrical or Lifts …..  we really want to support organisations to understand their responsibilities and be clear about what they need to be doing to ensure that, primarily their tenants are safe in their homes, but also what the organisation needs to do to meet the myriad of regulatory requirements as well as the standards set by the Regulator for Social Housing.

Each of our Associates has been hand selected to join the team because of the knowledge that they have in their specialist area and their experiences within the social housing sector, along with the ‘down to earth’ attitude and ‘can do’ approach to supporting and working with organisations, we believe they will deliver just what is needed.

We have all been on training courses that are ‘not exactly relevant’ or ‘not what was expected’ or even used examples that were just not relevant to our sector…. We want Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd to be different ….. to give YOU the training that YOU want at a great price and to be delivered by some of the best around that really do understand.  Unlike some other training companies out there,  we don’t sell the services traditionally associated with the fields in which we train, therefore,  when we offer advice, it is just that…. advice.  This ensures independent and impartial discussions throughout the training, which, in our opinion, improves the learning experience.

Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd can offer you accredited and approved courses in the key compliance areas as well as bespoke courses and workshops that are specifically designed and delivered by OUR Associates for YOUR organisation; we can even incorporate your own policies and procedures into the training and workshops if you wish. Our Associate’s knowledge is bang up to date and takes account of good and best practice in the social housing sector (across all areas of the UK) having been learned vocationally over many years, so you can be sure that the training your learners receive will be of excellent quality.

If you’d like to have a chat about training, please feel free to give us a call.